Electronic Contract Manufacturing

EDP will assist you in every phase of your product development from concept to production. We will help you:

  • Assemble functional prototypes in less time.
  • Economically produce low volume, high complexity products.
  • Package and warehouse finished products.

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Design Assistance

design assistance

As a full service supplier, EDP has an experienced staff of engineers, designers, programmers and technicians available to provide assistance during each phase of your project:

  • Analog & Digital Circuit Design
  • Software Design & Development
  • PCB Layout & Routing; Gerber File Generation
  • Thru-hole to SMT Conversions
  • Enclosure and Chassis Design
  • Testing Design

Parts Procurement & Management

material management

EDP provides complete turn-key component and materials purchasing and management for your project. Our advanced ERP system allows complete parts and material control from start to finish:

  • Materials Purchasing & Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • OEM & Distributor Sourcing
  • Certified Brokers for Obsolete and Long Lead Components
  • All Components & Materials- Electronic, Mechanical, Packaging, Printed


complete product build

Our manufacturing facility has been designed for fast changeover and high speed, allowing us the ability to run multiple projects of any size efficiently with the highest quality possible:

  • Prototypes
  • Short Runs
  • Low-Mid-High Volume Production
  • Programming, Calibration & Testing
  • Final Product Build & Packaging

Flexible Delivery Programs

flexible delivery program

Take advantage of one of our flexible delivery programs to help manage your product inventory and improve your cash flow:

  • Yearly Blankets
  • Just-In-Time (JIT)
  • Kanban
  • Build & Hold Programs
  • Drop Ship to Your End Customer